Brucite Factory

Dandong Kaimeite (KMT) is committed to the production and sales of brucite powder, we have high reserves, high – quality brucite mines and equipped with advanced processing machine, coating machine. Annual capacity is 100,000 tons.

Process Flow Chart of Brucite Powder

Natural Brucite Technical Data

Natural Brucite is the mineral form of magnesium hydroxide. With abundant Brucite Ore resources, Dandong KMT is committed to producing Brucite powder, and its annual capacity shall reach 100,000MT.

Compared with high purity magnesium hydroxide, Brucite powder is widely used as a high filling flame retardant in the wire and cable industry, such as filling compounds, bedding compounds, and sheathing compounds for PVC cable, low smoke zero halogen cable.

Table 6 shows the composition of Brucite powder.

Table 6 KMT Natural Brucite powder Technical Data
Table 7 B Series MDH Particle Sizes
GradesB3 seriesB3.5 seriesB10 series
Median Particle Sizes (D50)2.5-3μm3.5-4.5μm8-10μm
ApplicationLSZH, PVC compounds, polyolefin cable compounds, TPO and PVC roofing membranes…Bedding compounds,  B1/A2 ACP…
CoatingSilane, Stearic acid, other customized additivesNA

Table 7 shows B series Brucite is available in different particle sizes and coatings, and also their applications. By adding Brucite, could improve the oxygen index, and suppress the smoke.

Brucite B3.5 used for PVC compounds

Table 8 Brucite in PVC compounds
FormulaProductGroup 1Group 2
StablizerCalcium zinc stabilizer44
Fillercalcium carbonate5050
Flame retardantsZinc borate44
Russian similar grade40 
KMT B3.5 40
Total amount(phr)251251
PropertiesMFI (190℃, 5KG)2.262.91
Density (g/cm³)1.51.5
Hardness (Shore D)5556
Oxygen Index % (100*6.5*3.2mm)2828
Tensile strength (MPa)1515
Elongation at break (%)325-330300-305

Brucite B3.5 series is used for PVC cable compound, table 8 compared the peformance of B3.5 and Russia-made same particle size’s product. And the result shows that in the test PVC formula, B3.5 and Russia-made product shows similar properties, and at the same time, it can reduce about 30% cost of the formula by using B-3.5.

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