Different grade of aluminum hydroxide mechanical property compare

Different grade of aluminum hydroxide mechanical property compare


Ara king and Frank Chen


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Abstract :

Formulation was: EVA (7470K) 35%, compatibilizer 5%, antioxidant 0.175%, aluminum hydroxide 60%; Test conditions: 23℃, 40%; and we want to compare two grades KMT-1 and Albemarle 40CD, Martin 104L mechanical properties, finally the test result shows the tensile strength of KMT-1 is 12.64Mpa, the elongation at break is 227, the melt index is 1.9, and the oxygen index is 30.7; the tensile strength of Albemarle 40CD is 12.84Mpa, The elongation at break is 212, the melt index is 2.3, and the oxygen index is 31.8; the tensile strength of Martin 104L is 11.42Mpa, The elongation at break is 210, the melt index is 2.3, and the oxygen index is 30.6.

Key words: halogen free flame retardant formula, aluminum hydroxide, KMT-1, Albemarle 40CD, Martin 104L

1. Materials and Testing

1.1  Materials prepare

Ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA), grade 7470K, vinyl acetate (VA) content is 26%, from Formosa Plastics Group; Aluminum Hydroxide KMT-1, particle size of 10000 mesh, from KMT INDUSTRIAL HK LIMITED; Aluminum Hydroxide Albemarle 40CD, Martin 104L particle size is 10000 mesh, from JM Huber Corporation.

Banbury, Plate Curing Press; Mould; SY-6210-A Electronic Pulling Force Machine; Oxygen Index Meter;

1.2  Preheat the Banbury to 100 °C-120 °C, the mixing time is 30 minutes, the mixing temperature is 200 ± 10 °C

Put the dough into the mould which is preheated well in advance (the thickness of the mould frame is 1 ± 0.1 mm), then use plate Curing Press tabletting (prepress: 10MPA, pressure: 10-15mpa, temperature: 220 °C, preheat for 2 Min) , After tabletting cooled to 40-50 °C  and got the samples.

1.3  Composite Standard Test Strips made from dies, the tensile properties were tested on SY-6210-A electronic tensile machine with a tensile speed of 250 mm/min and sample size of 120 * 10 * 1mm (GB/T 32129-2015 standard for halogen-free flame retardant cable materials for wire and cable).

1.4  Testing of combustion performance (GB/T 2406.2—2009)

Table 1. Fire retardant ingredients used in this study

 KMT-1Albemarle 40CDMartin 104L
Test conditions23℃,40%23℃,40%23℃,40%
Particle size (D50)1.87um1.45um1.89um
Surface coated or notuncoatedcoatedcoated

2. Results and Discussion

Albemarle 40CD60  
Martin 104L 60 
KMT-1  60
Elongation at break (%)212210227
Tensile Strength (MPa)12.8411.4212.64
Test Conditions20℃,40%20℃,40%20℃,40%
Particle size ( D50)1.4461.8891.871
LOI (90*10*1)31.830.630.7

From the above experimental data we can see that:

3.1 under this formula: KMT-1 compared to ALBEMARLE 40CD advantages:

3.11: High Elongation at break

3.2 under this formula: KMT-1 compared to Albemarle 40CD disadvantages:

3.21: Low Melt Index

3.22: Low Oxygen Index

3.3 under this formula: KMT-1 compared to MARTIN 104L advantages:

3.31: High Oxygen Index

3.32: High tensile strength

3.33: High Elongation at break

3.4 Under this formula: KMT-1 compared to Martin 104L disadvantages:

3.41: Low Melt Index

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